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How Talliah Rose began

About Talliah Rose

Hey girls! Briony here, here's a little snippet into the beginning of my business journey and where Talliah Rose began..

So, my name is Briony Gorton & in 2016 I launched my very own clothing brand, Talliah Rose.

I was your average 20 year old girl, living with my parents and working on the weekends whilst studying full time at Uni.

I worked at my local Pandora store in Burnley whilst studying Fashion Buying & Merchandising at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University).

It was during a lecture in my second year when i really had that 'lightbulb' moment. I can just remember sitting in a lecture, thinking to myself, I could really try to do this for myself.. I could try to create my own brand instead of learning how to work for somebody else.

That particular evening of April 2016, I went back to my uni hall and brainstormed ideas with my mum on facetime & by 11pm that evening, I had decided I was going to have a go at starting my own business.. crazy I know!

Together we decided that the route I wanted to originally go down was creating my own swimwear line. The only problem was I only had around £100 in my bank account & that money was supposed to last me until the end of the month at uni.. lol.

And so with that £100, myself and my mum went and bought some fabrics from a local fabric shop in my hometown of Bunrley.

I honestly sat for days on end sketching out my first bikini design, and fast forward 2 weeks and some tears.. my first bikini came to life. It was completely hand made and covered in Swavorski crystals as i come from a dancing background.

I didn't know anything about websites or ecommerce platforms, so I modelled and listed my first design as 'made to order' on the selling app 'Depop' which i also used to sell some second-hand clothing.

Overnight my first sale came in and fast forward 6 months and a few more designs, I left my job and dropped out of uni to pursue my passion. As summer came to a natural end, I started searching for clothing suppliers and manufacturers and in the October of 2016, I launched my first clothing range. In 2018, our first website launched and this was the start of Talliah Rose becoming a well know women fashion brand.

Over the past few years, we have grown from strength to strength and when the pandemic hit in 2019, we really exploded on social media & we very quickly outgrew our small unit.

In 2020 we moved into our current premises which holds 2 warehouses, 8 offices, a photo studio, a boardroom & a click and collect base for local online customers. But the best part is, my mum and dad now both work for the business. We really are a family firm and I love it.

Most importantly I'd like to thank each and every person that has supported my dream from the very beginning. Whether that be a new or returning customer, or just a simple like, comment ore share on our socials. I see it all and it means the world to me, so thank you.

Speak soon, Briony xo